Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A story of my Country

In the early 1900 or even before, the British brought in an influx of Chinese and Indian immigrants. All looking for a better life as they see great opportunity in a land fresh to the modern concept of 'development' and 'commercialism'.

In Malaya they faced lesser competition compared the densely populated lands of China and India. These immigrants traded more among themselves than the local Malays ; the Malays didn't see much reason to trade considering that their land is abundant and they are contended with their way of life. The sultans too were always looking after the Malays as they were the rakyats of this country.

As time passed, commercial centers started to expand into cities. The recently developed methods of buying land enabled the cash rich population to expand their territories. In those days, most of the cash rich were either Chinese (for being master traders) or Royalty (Inherited wealth). The common Malays were starting to feel the pinch of the modern life. They did not take part in the development process and were left out from the growth.

At the time of the independence, the ruling government started by addressing the disparity between the Chinese population who has money... and the Malays who did not. The government did well in enabling the Malays to compete in the modern world. Malays were given education and jobs. This provided them with money to survive and the tools needed to grow.

However, a large number of Chinese traders were already millionaires by then and were controlling the marketplace. The government stepped in again to push a handful of Malays to achieve wealth that enable them to compete with these wealthy Chinese.

The government using its muscles to push rich Malays to even greater riches to compete with the super wealthy Chinese.

Which brings us to today....

The 2nd, 3rd and so forth generation of immigrants have now called Malaysia their home. Being as hard working as they are - Statistically, they are still richer then the Malays, but it is equally as hard for them to compete with the countries' wealthiest.

The Malays wouldn't have had the opportunities they have today without the government intervention. However, they will have to realize that no amount of government help will help them if they do not work hard to better themselves. Educated Malays also realize that only a handful will get government support to further grow their wealth. All these people now fall into the middle class.

Most of the population are no longer included in the game of wealth played by the extravagantly wealthy. 

So where do we go from here? 

The urban population voted for more equal playing grounds.
While the vast majority of sabah and sarawak voted for government help.

If our taxation methods are correct, I don't see why we cant have equal opportunities of growth for everyone (to compete with the world)...and at the same time provide aid to those who need it, no matter their racial background.

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